Contemporary Issues in Digital Marketing: New Paradigms, Perspectives, and Practices (Libri Publishing, September 2018)

What started as a conversation between me and my colleague/collaborator, John Branch, about the ever-evolving media landscape and its impact on marketing, turned into a provocation that stretched across the worlds of academia and practice. We live in the digital age – indeed, there are more than 3 billion people connected to the internet. For every 100 people on the planet, there are 96 mobile telephone subscriptions. And more and more of our everyday objects –cuddly toys, cars, even kettles – have created an “internet of things.” It is no surprise, therefore, that companies are eager to harness this digital world. Marketers, in particular, hope that so-called digital marketing will allow them to gain new customer insights, refine customer segmentation, and communicate to customers more efficiently and effectively. They anticipate that the digital age will offer possibilities for new product innovation, advanced methods for engaging customers and original vehicles for creating brand communities. Despite the pervasiveness of digital technologies, however, digital marketing is seemingly still in its infancy. To begin, what exactly is digital marketing? The term is commonly used, but its meaning – its scope, outline, boundary and limits – is far from concise. There were lots of questions and interesting debates that extended over a period of time, so we ventured to capture this thinking in prose in book form.

My hope is that you find this anthology as thought provoking as the dialogue which sparked its genesis. You can purchase the book here.