The reel.

Keynote Talks.


“I was looking for an outside speaker to speak to our marketing leaders at our quarterly offsite and I honestly felt Marcus was the right person with the right message. Before our offsite I spoke on the phone with Marcus and let him know some of the unique challenges we are facing as a group and gave him a rundown of our key desired outcomes of our offsite. When we hung up after a 20 minute conversation it felt like Marcus knew exactly where we were coming from and what we needed to hear. It really felt that simple.

I have seen Marcus speak twice now and a three things have always stood out to me. First is his ability and passion for simplicity. The digital marketing space can be a busy and confusing one to say the least but Marcus is set on making sense of the noise. Secondly, I am drawn to his ability to engage the room. Marcus brings energy to each presentation and makes you want to give it your full attention. Lastly, I appreciate his preparation. I am convinced Marcus can go through a 2 hour presentation without looking at his notes once while coordinating every word with the right click for the next slide at just the right time.

We started our day with Marcus and he really set the tone for our entire offsite. I feel fortunate to have him speak to us and would gladly ask him to join us again.”

Trey Park, Verizon Media
Chief of Staff
Growth Marketing

“Earlier today, 11/7, I attended Southwest Michigan's AMA Conference. I wanted to thank you for your incredible presentation. I have had a passion for Marketing for years now, but I have been struggling in recent years with what exact career path I wanted to take once I earned my degree. While listening to you present, I was completely floored; nothing I have watched, listened to, or learned in a classroom has resonated with me so strongly before. As I was listening to you discuss cultures and consumer behavior, all I could think was, ‘This. This is what I need to do. This is my passion and this is how I can make my mark.’ With that being said, again I just want to thank you, truly from the bottom of my heart, for giving me the inspiration and kickstart I needed. The influence you have left on me is profound and I hope that someday in the future, I can have the pleasure of working with you.”

Victoria Munro, Marketing student
AMA Conference Attendee