Confidence, or the lack thereof

Confidence is an ever-evolving spectrum, on which we oscillate from one end to another. Often times, we take aspirational steps forward to improve ourselves (or our situation) only to be met with self-doubt and an erosion of confidence. We all face it. Every single one of us. The question then becomes, "how do we persevere despite feeling like we're not good enough, smart enough, or [fill in the blank] enough?"

I wish I had the universal answer. Suffice it to say, I don't. At its core, however, I think you just have to muscle through. You have to push through the fear and the doubt. Push through the voices in your head that say "you don't belong here, you shouldn't try this, you're way out of your league." The challenge with this approach is that how one person 'pushes through' might manifest differently than how it would for someone else. So what do you do, right?

In my heart of hearts, I believe that whatever is meant for you is already yours. You just have to prepare for it and be patient. Patience is a product of prayer, an act of faith. Preparation is a product of work. Faith without works is dead, as the scripture says. Put in the work and it will come. That is, of course, if it is indeed meant for you. I have confidence in this perspective, and it guides my approach to most things in life. As long as I do my part, God will do His. 

It ain't for everybody, but it works for me.